Baby Robes (to age 4)

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These very special baby robes are sure to make bathtime a treat.

Beautifully hand-embroidered with charming designs. Spot the caterpillar hiding from water drops on the 'wet' design, or see who's hiding in the pockets on 'hide / hello'. Both designs come with girls' and boys' options.

Our robes are made with pure organic certified cotton with soft cotton lined hoods. Perfect for sensitive skins. You'll be thrilled with the finish and fabric quality, we have not found any other children's robes of this standard.

Baby bath robes start from 12-18 months, all the way up to 4 years.


Every step in our production chain is independently inspected to ensure that the people behind our bedding are well looked after and that we are supporting positive trading relationships.

Firstly, choosing organic and ethically produced cotton changes lives in developing countries. It frees farmers and their families from exposure to highly toxic pesticides and is part of a movement that provides funding, healthcare, education and good working conditions.

Then every step in the chain from plant to finished product is certified as being carried out in accordance with fair trade conditions.
Our bath robes only uses cotton that is certified organic in accordance with Global Organic Textile Standards. Making for healthier planet, cotton farmers and home!

Conventional cotton is the world's most sprayed crop, using over 25% of total insecticides. Many of the chemicals used are highly toxic and they wash into rivers and streams where they make their way into the food chain. In contrast, organic farming uses only traditional, healthy, pest control methods.

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